Friday, December 19, 2014

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Therapy sought to reduce major risk from minor bleeding that can follow stroke


Bleeding into the brain following a stroke doesn’t have to be big to be bad, says a researcher exploring a therapy to eliminate the major risk of minor bleeding. The ... Read More »

Study aims to help patients with peripheral artery disease become more active

For millions of Americans, simply walking to the mailbox can cause unbearable leg pain as muscles scream for more blood and oxygen. It’s called peripheral arterial disease and, ironically, one ... Read More »

Atlanta Magazine: Ultimate Stroke Care

Atlanta Magazine: May 6, 2013 Dr. Jeffrey Switzer talks about the Georgia Regents Medical Center becoming the first hospital in Georgia to earn the Comprehensive Stroke Center designation from the ... Read More »

Antibiotic studied to reduce hemorrhagic stroke damage

A new study will help determine if an antibiotic is a partial antidote for the poisonous effect blood has on the brain following a hemorrhagic stroke, researchers say. They want ... Read More »

Surgical menopause may prime brain for stroke, Alzheimer’s

Removing the ovaries before menopause, appears to leave more of the brain vulnerable to stroke and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers report. Low doses of estrogen started right ... Read More »

Georgia Regents Medical Center becomes Georgia’s first Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations has designated Georgia Regents Medical Center as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center, making it the only hospital in Georgia and one of less than 20 hospitals nationwide to achieve this designation. Read More »