Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Scientific American: Forgetting is Harder for Older Brains

Dr. Joe Tsien

Scientific American, May 2013 Dr. Joe Tsien’s recent study about why people may not learn as well as they age was featured in Scientific American. Read: Forgetting is Harder for ... Read More »

New York Times: Older Brain Is Willing, but Too Full

Dr. Joe Tsien

The New York Times, January 21, 2013  Dr. Joe Z. Tsien was featured in The New York Times about his recently published research findings on memory and ageing. Read More »

CBS News: Can old brains get full?

Dr. Joe Tsien

CBS News, January 25, 2013 Dr. Joe Z. Tsien was recently featured in a CBS News article following publication of his study on memory and aging: Can old brains get ... Read More »

Eliminating useless information important to learning, making new memories

Dr. Joe Tsien

AUGUSTA, Ga. – As we age, it just may be the ability to filter and eliminate old information – rather than take in the new stuff – that makes it ... Read More »