Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Antibiotic resistance is a international issue that better education can address


Antibiotic resistance is an international reality whose solution includes better educating physicians about using bacteria-fighting tools, says an infectious disease physician. “The big problem is the overuse of antibiotics in ... Read More »

Researchers work to block kidney, lung damage and pain in sickle cell disease

Restoring a balance of the most powerful dilator and the most potent constrictor of blood vessels in the body could help patients with sickle cell disease avoid kidney and lung ... Read More »

Distinctive brain blood flow patterns associated with sexual dysfunction

Premenopausal women who aren’t interested in sex and are unhappy about this reality have distinctive blood flow patterns in their brains in response to explicit videos compared to women with ... Read More »

Brain re-training may improve memory, focus in schizophrenia

Much like physical exercise can re-chisel the body, researchers hope targeted mental workouts can sharpen the memory, focus and function of adults with schizophrenia. “Cognitive retraining has the potential to ... Read More »

Anti-sickling therapies should be focus for sickle cell science

Pain is an undeniable focal point for patients with sickle cell disease but it’s not the best focus for drug development, says one of the dying breed of physicians specializing ... Read More »