Sunday, December 28, 2014


WATCH: 3D mammograms prove to be better for women

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken News, Weather, Sports GRU Radiologist Dr. Karen Panzitta talks with WJBF News Channel 6 about the benefits of a 3D mammogram. A recent study published in The Journal ... Read More »

Outstanding researchers honored by GRU Research Institute

Darrell Brann

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Georgia Regents University Research Institute honored outstanding researchers at its annual Awards Dinner this month. Dr. Darrell Brann, Regents Professor of Neurology and Vice Chairman of ... Read More »

Enzyme helps stem cells improve recovery from limb injuries


While it seems like restoring blood flow to an injured leg would be a good thing, it can actually cause additional damage that hinders recovery, researchers say. Ischemia reperfusion injury ... Read More »

Therapy sought to reduce major risk from minor bleeding that can follow stroke


Bleeding into the brain following a stroke doesn’t have to be big to be bad, says a researcher exploring a therapy to eliminate the major risk of minor bleeding. The ... Read More »

Virtual patients, medical records and sleep queries may help reduce suicide


A virtual patient, the electronic medical record, and questions about how well patients sleep appear effective new tools in recognizing suicide risk, researchers say. A fourth – and perhaps more ... Read More »

Study Examines UV Nail Salon Lamps, Risk of Skin Cancer

Pictured are (L to R): Dr. Frederick Rueggeberg, Professor of Oral Rehabilitation and Oral Biology at GRU’s College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Lyndsay R. Shipp, a fourth-year Dermatology Resident at Georgia Regents University and Health System, and Dr. Loretta Davis, Chief of Dermatology at GRU’s Medical College of Georgia.

Using higher-wattage ultra violet (UV) lamps at nail salons to dry and cure polish was associated with more UV-A radiation being emitted, but the brief exposure after a manicure would ... Read More »

Transplant success tied to naturally high levels of powerful immune molecule package


Patients with highest levels of the most powerful version of the immune molecule HLA-G appear to have the lowest risk of rejecting their transplanted kidney, researchers report. A study of ... Read More »

Scientists target receptor to treat diabetic retinopathy


Like a daily pill to lower cholesterol can reduce heart attack and stroke risk, an easy-to-use agent that reduces eye inflammation could help save the vision of diabetics, scientists say. ... Read More »

Green tea formula naturally increases saliva in dry mouth patients


 AUGUSTA, Ga. – An over-the-counter lozenge containing green tea antioxidants could significantly enhance oral health and quality of life for millions of patients suffering from dry mouth, researchers at Georgia ... Read More »

Osteoporosis drugs appear to impede cell membrane repair


A class of drugs widely used to treat osteoporosis appears to impede a cell’s ability to repair a protective outer membrane that helps determine what enters and exits, researchers report. ... Read More »