Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Dallas Morning News: Health Alerts – A potential new way to identify a silent killer

The Dallas Morning News, Sept. 17, 2013

Georgia Regents University research on high blood pressure was featured on The Dallas Morning News.

Read: Health Alerts – A potential new way to identify a silent killer.


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  1. You bring up a really great question and I am glad that you chose to address it. When I think about this topic usually I think about it in relation to the way our armed forces address hostage situations. In these cases most of the time a vast amount of money is spent on trying to save one life, while putting the lives of others at risk. I would argue that saving that one life will always be worth it, but others could argue that if other lives are put in jeopardy to save one life…maybe more thought needs to be put in place around the value of saving that one life. Really this is a morale issue at heart with economic ties influencing the opinion. I do not know that answer to this question, and I can honestly say I hope I never have to make the final decision between saving one life over another.

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