Saturday, December 27, 2014

Program will save undergrads a seat in medical school

AUGUSTA, Ga. – A new pipeline program at Georgia Regents University is aimed at recruiting high school students who have their sights set on a career in medicine and want to attend Georgia’s only public medical school.

The GRU B.S./M.D. program, which will see its first four students enroll this fall, lays out a curriculum that allows students to earn their bachelor of science and medical degrees in eight years. It offers conditional medical school acceptance on entry to the program, says Dr. Paul Wallach, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs for the Medical College of Georgia.

Students who meet certain benchmarks throughout their undergraduate coursework will be guaranteed a seat in medical school at the Medical College of Georgia – without having to go through the usual admissions process after the third year of college.

That’s a big incentive for high ability high school students who already think they may be interested in becoming a physician, says Dr. Richard Griner, who chairs the GRU Department of Biological Sciences and helped design the program. Last year, more than 2,800 students applied for 230 first-year slots at MCG.

“If students in the program maintain a certain grade point average throughout, achieve a satisfactory score on the Medical College Admission Test, complete requirements for research, volunteer work and career shadowing and successfully complete an interview, they will have a seat in the medical school class after their fourth year,” Griner says. “The goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible and to make GRU a destination of choice university – where students come to complete their undergrad and medical degrees, not just one or the other.”

The program also will provide students opportunities for counseling, MCAT preparation, and other clinical or research experiences over the course of their undergrad careers. Bachelor’s degrees, in cellular and molecular biology or chemistry, will be awarded through the College of Science and Mathematics.

Plans are already underway to decrease the program length to seven years next year, to create an additional incentive for students.

The B.S./M.D. program seemed like a natural step after Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities consolidated in January, Wallach says. The program is the first of its kind in the University System of Georgia.

“(GHSU’s) strengths in health sciences education at the graduate level, combined with the strengths at (ASU) in undergraduate education were the perfect combination,” he says. “Our ultimate goal is to bring in talented scholars and add to our wonderful cadre of medical students.”

“This is one of the terrific results of the synergy and energy created by our new university,” said MCG Dean Peter F. Buckley. “We believe it will be a win-win for students and for the physician workforce needs of our state and nation.”

For more information about the B.S./M.D. program, call the GRU Office of Academic Admissions, 706-737-1632.





  1. Hello, after reading the following article above. I became interested in the program and I would like to be more informed about the program, so that I may consider enrolling. The only thing is, is that I have recently graduated on May 28 of this year. I would like to know wheter or not I may still qualify for this progam. Please contact me at my email. or at 7062842304. Thank You!

  2. I am a senior in high school. Interested to apply for combined BS/MD program. Please let me know the requirements including the eligibility and application dead line. call me at 678 520 7960

  3. Hello. My name is Nathan Roberts. I go to cedar Grove High Shool and i notice your program is recruiting high school students. Im in the 11th grade hopeing to get a scholarship to any medical college. My future is to be a prediatrition i love kids and makeing shure that they are healthy. This year i am takeing a health care class that will also look good on my resume. I want to make my family proud to become the first doctor in my family. I am willing to do anything in the world to be in your program and to get into you college. My email adress is and my number is 678-719-5314. Feel free to email or call at anytime. Thank you.

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