Monday, December 22, 2014

Consolidation Working Group considering revised list of names for new university

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The Consolidation Working Group, charged with guiding and informing efforts related to the consolidation of Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences Universities, is reviewing potential names for the new university. The group is expected to narrow the list to three by the end of July, and submit those to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, who are expected to make the final naming decision at their August meeting.

A Branding Work Team, with representatives from both institutions, culled the list from public input, research on top-100 American Universities and market research.

“The name should be future-focused. We’re thinking about the next fifty years and beyond.” said GHSU President Ricardo Azziz. “It is a central part of our identity and will influence the opinions of all who come in contact with us. If we aspire to be one of the nation’s great universities, we have to look like one, act like one, and sound like one.”

Following extensive public input and market research, the names the Branding Work Team suggested to the Consolidation Working Group today are:

Augusta University

Bartram University

George Walton University

Georgia National University

Georgia Regents University

University of Augusta

“This is very much a work in progress,” said Azziz.  “And the final decision rests with the Board of Regents. They will choose the name.”

The new university, which will be headed by Azziz, will be a more than one billion dollar enterprise, with state-wide and national reach. It will include nine colleges, nearly 10,000 students, more than 650 acres of campus and nearly 150 buildings, more than 1,000 full-time faculty, an aligned, integrated and well managed health system, and a growing athletics program that includes back-to-back NCAA Division I national championships.

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  1. I can’t believe none of the names suggested by the petition signed by over 1500 students, faculty and alumni are under consideration. “Following public input…” – this is a joke.

  2. Finally! The new additions are much better. I personally didn’t like any of the student petition names.

    1. GWU
    2. GNU
    3. GRU

  3. Perhaps we should take aside what we “personally” like or dislike.
    1672 people signed the petition – their choices should be CONSIDERED and thus be on the list.

  4. Obviously they aren’t listening. *sticks fingers in ears* LALALA Georgia Regents University? Someone’s ego is huge…..

  5. I like University of Augusta. The name is simple and sounds nice, and may even exude respect, as somebody put it. I initially shared the concerns that the name sounds too regional or there are many other cities in the US named Augusta. But naming the school “…National University” won’t give national reputation automatically. Reputation doesn’t come from the university name but from research, great alumni, athletic programs and efficient administration that can really facilitate and streamline these efforts. With concerted efforts, University of Augusta won’t sound too regional someday or resonate other cities in the US. Yes, it would take a while. And whichever name is chosen, we will have to explain who we are and add “formerly known as MCG”. But if we are heading towards the right direction, adding a few more words won’t be that bad.

  6. 1. University of Augusta
    2. Georgia Regents University
    3. Georgia Walton University

  7. No matter how much you change it, people will always call it MCG…..
    These names aren’t very good. GHSU already was fine enough, and why would you merge with such an unknown university like ASU?
    This is Medical College of GEORGIA, not AUGUSTA.

  8. How’s that going to work for the Jaguars if it becomes Georgia National University (GNU)? A gnu is an African antelope. I am just relieved that Noble and Arsenal are off the list.

  9. Wow……its getting more and more STUPID!
    Whats next? Washington Road University? or Wrightsboro Univ.? How about University of Interstate 20? Come on people, it has “Interstate” in its name!!!

    If you can’t make it better, at least don’t make it worse.

  10. Nothing brings National recognition for a University like putting the word “National” in the name! A few students discussed Georgia National University, but then did a google search of other schools with “National” in the name…. brought up a lot of online schools…

  11. I agree with many of the other comments…adding “national” to a name cheapens the appearance. From the choices listed I think George Walton University has the most impact. It encompasses the history or our area, puts the title “university” in there and has a ring to it. It’s like they always say…”hurry up and wait!”

  12. Ridiculous! That’s the best you could come up with?
    a) Bartram University: who??
    b) George Walton University: any relation to George Walton Academy in Monroe, segregation school est1969?
    c) Georgia National University: do incoming (all-male) students get green jackets?
    d) Georgia Regents University: the Board of Regents’ own school?
    e) and f) Augusta University and University of Augusta: where’s the state, national, global vision?
    When students come up with more visionary, inspiring name suggestions than their educators, you wonder how there’s actually a market for education. This is depressing and embarrassing. Here’s hoping the Regents have more sense!

  13. Well, this list is better than the first. University of Augusta or George Walton University are the best..

    Please consider only these 2 (two) if you must stick to this list. THANK YOU!

  14. Who cares…. What a waste of resources. The name will probably change in another 20 yrs when this school goes bankrupt.

  15. This is getting worse…There are over 1,600 people who signed the petition and you can’t acknowledge them?
    Oh, and you said that we’ll have to explain the meaning behind A&M? When I travel to conferences across the nation don’t you think I’ll have to explain Bartram, George Walton, Georgia National, Georgia Regents, and where is Augusta? Then followed by the famous, “ooooohhhh, where the golf tournament is, they have a school?”

    So, your questioning of A&M is bogus…

  16. Of these – I like George Walton University the best – but it still doesn’t bring attention to the fact that we are a large state university. I still like East Georgia University or something similar the best – these names still sound like small community colleges to me rather than a university that wants to play on the national level.

  17. Everyone knows we are merging, why not save money and keep ASU as ASU. As far as MCG, we have both names everywhere MCG and GHSU. We know who we really are. Enough already!

  18. With all the name changes over the years, this has become a bit ridiculous(Talmadge, Medical College of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia, HI, GHSU….) What next???!. Just leave it Georgia Health Sciences University—think of all the money that has been wasted AND will be wasted if another name change happens. Either way, no name will be more prestigious than “Medical College of Georgia/MCG”. This hospital will always be called MCG by the community and several alumni. Personally, I don’t like any of the names proposed….I believe this process has become more political than anything else.

  19. These names are soo disheartening for a student at GHSU. Or what I still like to call MCG. I worked hard, made great grades, and was focused like laser beam so one day I could be accepted to Medical College of Georgia. I was rewarded with not only one name change but now TWO. Ridiculous. So many dreams have been shattered with this name change. Faculty and students are quickly loosing their school spirit and the only way to salvage it is stop with the name changing. May I suggest Medical University of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia, even Georgia Health Sciences University. Anything is better than this merge. Can we wait please another year and see if the election will turn the economy around? Maybe this consolidation can be avoided all together. And if it doesn’t how about Georgia Arts and Medicine (Georgia A&M)…

  20. Kimberly Garrett

    These names are just as bad as the first set. You should consider something with Georgia in it. It’s been that way since it began.

  21. Lisa--MCG Class of 1998

    Clearly Georgia A & M was the most popular–no one is listening! Georgia Regents University??? No way. And, I don’t agree with having to explain the meaning behind ‘A&M’ either–that has no substance. I already have to explain to vendors who we are now…

  22. We shouldn’t be “asked for our opinion” if you’re eventually not even going to consider it. After such an overwhelming involvement by the students (who really make up the institution that we’re talking about here), NONE of the responses were even acknowledged, let alone considered. Its extremely upsetting and disheartening how the follow up was so shady with an appreciation of “us making a noise” or whatever that was ; when in reality the petition was just blown off without consideration! The 6 revised names are equally pathetic, confirming to the common belief that the decision might already be framed. I feel like we’re just puppets in a show. I wonder if someone is reading this blog! The naming committee won’t really have to live with this name on their CV, we students will. Bureaucracy is bitter. Please don’t play to the gallery. The people are pretty sick of it.

  23. I think the list is getting better. What so many people (read, mostly MCG students) seem to be forgetting is that GHSU is merging with ASU. As a former Augusta College student, and ASU graduate, I understand their concern over the name change and how it will make them feel about their diploma. However, we can’t carry a moniker that only includes the medical aspects of our New U. Our New U is going to be so much more, so much better, than just a medical school. And by the way, the number of ASU students is far greater than the number of medical students affected by this consolidation.

    I’m not sure it was as important to include one of the names from the petition as it was to honor the fact that so many people were disgruntled about the names we had to choose from. I like George Walton University – it has local and national historic meaning. For the people worried that you’ll have to explain the name, just look at the person asking you and say, “He was only one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!”

  24. To all of the pompous MCG/GHSU students who are whining about merging with ASU … get over it. We are merging and whining isn’t going to stop it. I find it very offensive that you would put ASU down by calling us an “unknown university.” We have a better nursing program than you and we are an “unknown university” while you wallow around in your snobby attitude. Grow up.

    As for the names, I think they are getting better and I appreciate that it at least seems like we are being listened to. I still think this is a set up for University of Augusta and/or Augusta University. (Changing them around in order doesn’t fool me, the figure heads in charge of this obviously want one of those two). However, I do like George Walton University … as for Bartram Univeristy, were you not even listening? No one knows what Bartram stands for .. why did it stay on the list? I am glad Arsenal and the “unknown” Noble have disappeared. As for Georgia Regents…could we make the BOR heads any larger? No, should not even be an option. And National sounds like we’re trying to draw on the fame of the Augusta Nationals when they do not support either school monetarily or in any public arena.

  25. Georgia Walton University is reasonable name

  26. I worked so hard to get into this noble school and now my dreams are shattered. Georgia National sounds like an online institution. Georgia Regents sounds like a community college. My parents worked so hard to get me here and now they are sleepless just because non of the names sounds prestigious. Please do something about it. I don’t think I can concentrate on my studies again. I was even admitted into three other noble universities but I chose this school because of the name. I wish I can start all over again, I would have chosen other school. I came from out of state because of the name.. please help us!

  27. There is only 6 positions. Please do not waste those precious options to whatever called “Bartram”..”Regents”….Or Augusta U and U of Augusta are basically the same…

    I am wondering whether someone in the naming committee is in the “Bartram Family” or a super fan of Bartram?

  28. Is someone in the committee from “Bartram Family” or a super fan of Bartram????
    Or how much did they pay you?
    6 options are so precious. Why can’t we make more sense.

  29. I agree that the disregard of a student petition is atrocious. The name should reflect the state and not a city only nationally recognized for a golf tournament. A name including National, Regents, or Bartram is heinous. A botanist is not a namesake for a prestigious university. Georgia Southeastern University is a general name that was approved by both student bodies and covers the dynamics of each field of study. It may have the same acronym as Georgia Southern, but saying part of a name sounds far better than a few letters.

  30. What is it with you committee people?! The names are getting more and more absurd. Give it a rest with Augusta! It looks like the city is trying too hard and appears pathetic. This is a GEORGIA state supported university and the name should reflect that!

  31. University of Augusta is a great name. Please remember we are a public university.

  32. Georgia A&M University seems the best choice I have heard. The A&M representing Arts &Medicine would reflect the honored past of both ASU and GHSU and would not have to be explicitly designate or spelled out. The precedent for this is in the TX A&M University approach; the “A” and “M” are symbolic links to the school’s past but no longer officially stand for “Agricultural and Mechanical”.

  33. There seems to be some resistance to Georgia Health Sciences University from those who are not majoring in the health sciences. But look at Georgia Tech. They have many majors in the liberal arts, management, etc that are not “technical”. Georgia Tech students and grads are proud even when their degree is not “technical.” So why should students who are not in the health sciences have a problem with Georgia HEALTH Sciences University?

  34. Just label a PO box “university systems of Augusta” for official use only, and leave the two institutions autonomously named and be done with it.

    @ASU student – it is completely understandable that GHSU students are upset about the naming trends. GHSU was founded 99 years before ASU, is nationally recognized, and graduates MDs, PhDs, and DMDs as it is a graduate institution. To lose that identity to an undergraduate institution is extremely frustrating. ASU is not as highly regarded as GHSU (not being pompous, just a matter of recognition and rankings), compounding at frustration. You have to admit, if ASU were merged with a local high school then named after said high school, you would probably through a fit. Same idea.

    Also, GHSU nursing was ranked top 50 in US News and has graduate and doctoral programs in nursing. ASU wasn’t ranked and only has a bachelors program, so you might want to double check the source of your “facts”. :)

  35. University of Augusta is a great name please remember we are a public university.

  36. Current MCG Student and MCG Alumni

    I can’t express how dissapointed I am in the entire name changing process from start to finish. I did not think that any of the original six names sounded prestigious. Out of them, University of Augusta sounded the best but certainly does not reflect the outstanding reputation of MCG. The new six names sound just as terrible as the first–I don’t like any of them!!!! We need a name that gives homage to both MCG and ASU. Thus, we need to incorporate both arts and medicine into the title–that is the only fair and common sense thing to do!! I think Georgia Arts and Medicine sounds the most prestigious and it is inclusive to both academic programs that ASU and MCG offer. (The politicians that are spearheading this merger and ultimately choosing the new name need to consider the impact that ‘their decisions’ will have on the future of both schools. For example, the schools and the community will lose ‘a lot of money’ if the name does not sound prestigious.)

  37. Really like George Walton University the best. I also like both the National and Regents University. Next Bartram and then Augusta University.

    Really appreciate all the hard work the group is doing to find a great name. We have a wonderful reputation and will only take a little time for others to make the name connection.

  38. Brian O'Reilly

    I am a patient at MCG, now Georgia Health Sciences University.
    I like either one of these names and am proud to say that I have been going there from
    SC for a few years. MCG has built up a a great reputation an I feel you should keep either name, as none of the other names compare to these two. (Georgia on my mind)
    Brian O’Reilly

  39. MCG (GHSU) Student

    Where you finish your undergraduate degree isn’t nearly as important as where you finish your professional degree. Also, comparing the sizes of the two schools is ridiculous. MCG is smaller because the degrees that it confers are more narrow in scope and much more competitive.

  40. George Walton University is a decent name

  41. It is clear that this committee does not care about the students, alumni, faculty, and community. They could have had at least one name submitted by the students on the revised list. Georgia Arts and Medicine University incorporates both MCG/ASU equally, when compared to the other names. There are so many universities with the same initials that it shouldn’t matter if the schools initials are GA A&M. Also, having the school named after someone that no one really knows is disrespectful to both schools. I hope the Regents Board will consider the names the students provided.

  42. DoubtingThomasina

    I feel this is all a political game play. If they were really considering these options, rather than asking for our opinions, they would instead be enlisting the assistance of an outside marketing organization that has worked with the big dogs in the field– Harvard, Yale, etc. for thier advice. Deciding a university name by committee is hokey at best. Stop drinking the kool-aid– they already know what they want.

  43. Did anyone suggest Augusta National University?….I’m sure Augusta National Golf Club would give their permission if it is required……this would take advantage of high name recognition, while also honoring Augusta’s (and the world’s) most prestigious annual event.

    TGood (MCG/GHSU Retiree)

  44. baffledstudent

    How is it that not a single one of the top 3 names the student body petitioned for made the final list?

    Honestly, these options are no better than the first published list. Regents?? National??

    University of Augusta? It sounds terrible. Azizz and the rest of the branding/consolidation committee is so “concerned” with having our school “sound” like a leading school of the future, they should really get it together and come up with better options than these proposed names.

    Amongst the student body, Georgia A&M, is the most popular by a majority vote. It sounds great and sounds like a leading school!!! If ASU students are so concerned with their school having “medicine” in it, they should really stop and think about it–all schools with medical and other health professions are GREAT schools. When you are applying for a job, wouldn’t you want your degree to be associated with a GREAT school?

  45. I suggest the name Georgia Art and Health Sciences University

  46. Concerned Student

    GEORGIA A&M!!!!! All of the other names take the fact that this is a medical college out of the name…. I’m not even a medical student, I’m ROTC. I think Georgia A&M is the only name I have heard so far that makes since… George Walton is a middle school a few hours from here… Bartram, Yea I want Bartram University on my degree so when I’m back in California I can be asked at every interview who the Bartrams are……. All the other names suck…. Im sorry but i would have signed my contract with a different college if i would have known the name was going to change to one of these crappy names… #pissed_off_student #honesty_is_a_virtue

  47. GeorgiaSouthern Eagle

    Hey guys, I’m not a student at either university but I’m from around the Augusta area so this has really been getting some buzz in conversations with my friends.

    I was just thinking, if Georgia Arts & Medicine (GAMU) is so popular but has a branding issue because of the “A&M” couldn’t you just switch the letters to read “M&A”? So then you’ll be students at Georgia Medicine & Arts University (GMAU)?

    Also, couldn’t help but come up with some names on my own. In the last ten minutes, here’s what I’ve come up with:
    1. Georgia Institute for Art and Medicine (G-A Med) -the A meaning “Arts”
    2.Georgia Humanities and Health Science University (GHHSU)
    3. yeah, that’s all i got.

    Hope this helps.

  48. I like the name someone just suggested:
    Georgia Medicine & Arts University :)

  49. FutureMCGstudent

    I am going to be a future dental student at the Medical College of Georgia. I worked hard through my undergrad to achieve the grades to be able to attend a great dental school. I am proud to tell people I am attending and will graduate from such a school. I’m not being pompous when I say that ASU doesn’t come close to the prestige that MCG has. However; I can’t understand the reasoning for the GHSU change as well as this. What was conveyed to me was that on a national survey people didn’t know MCG had anything other than a medical school. Does that offend me by being in dental school? Absolutely not. Just as absolute waste of money for that name change, not to mention how much school pride was lost. The dental school is lucky it is the only show in town because I would much rather have a more prestigious name if it weren’t for such a difference in tuition costs. However; prestige does matter to the medical school when getting into specialties and I feel for them. I am not from Augusta and never will be from Augusta and I don’t want Augusta on my diploma. I do not appreciate the students not being listened to and not having a single proposed name on the list. You can be short sighted and pick any of these but you will regret it. If I had another choice (as medical students do) I would have went elsewhere without the prestigious heritage of MCG, and I can definitely guarantee I will never contribute back to a school that failed to give me a sense of pride. I’d rather leave the names separate as I’m sure most MCG students and alumni would and have the merger only behind the scenes but I’ll settle for a student and alumni proposed name if it must happen. Don’t get me started on what we are actually merging for since none of the majors overlap between the two schools except nursing.

  50. Please include both names together” Georgia Arts and Health Sciences University”
    This name represent Georgia State not city, Augusta State reprsent by name of Arts, Health sciences represent both basic sciences of Augusta State and Medical sciences of GHSU. It seems to me this name will be suitable and acceptable for all georgians.

  51. Georgia Providence University

    Literal translation of providence is ‘foresee’. Foreseeing care and guidance of our future, education, research, arts,… There are so many positive connotations for the word ‘providence’. Universal, simple name yet worldly and divine for our state and national university.

  52. one of graduate

    Georgia Institute of Art and Health Sciences (GIAHS) or
    Georgia Arts and Health Sciences University (GAHSU)


  54. Georgia A&M (Arts and Medicine) would be an amazing choice!

  55. @ ASU may be better:

    Those rankings you posted have literally nothing to do with the quality of the school. From their website, on the About Us section:

    “The aim of this website is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of world Universities and Colleges based upon the popularity of their websites. This is intended to help international students and academic staff to understand how popular a specific University/College is in a foreign country.

    We do not claim – by any means – to rank organisations or their programs, by the quality of education or level of services provided. The University Web Ranking is not an academic ranking and should not be adopted as the main criteria for selecting an higher education organization where to study.”

  56. The committee is obviously not listening to the students/faculty/alumni!! @Dr. Azziz, you say we have to name the college with the future in mind…. you said the same thing when we were re-named Georgia Health Sciences University. As you see that didn’t last and the 3 million dollars we spent promoting the name is now a waste… Thank you for raising my tuition and cutting department budgets to further my education through the name change of the University. It’s ridiculous that I have to pay for my diploma if I want it to say “Medical College of Georgia”… THAT name and only THAT name is the reason I applied to this school in the first place. You all are making a BIG mistake if you pick any of the names that are listed in the above article.

    Georgia A&M (Arts and Medicine) OR
    Georgia Arts and Medical University of Augusta

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