Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mei elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

LinMeiwebDr. Lin Mei, Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University, has been elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Mei, a neuroscientist, is among 388 association members selected for the honor this year by their peers. Fellows will be honored during the 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago in February.

The Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Neuroscience studies brain cell communication and impairment in conditions such as schizophrenia and myasthenia gravis. His work is paving the way for novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets for these and other debilitating disorders. To learn more about how neurons communicate with their target cells, he focuses on the juncture where nerves and muscle cells meet, called the neuromuscular junction. Mei’s recent work identified a new cause of the muscle-weakening disease myasthenia gravis and showed that classic schizophrenia symptoms can be eliminated in an animal model.

Mei is Associate Editor of the Journal of Neuroscience, Section Editor of Molecular Brain, Academic Editor of PLOS One, and a member of the Editorial Board of NeuroSignals and Neuroscience Bulletin.  He is a member of the International Advisory Board of the International Symposium on Cholinergic Mechanisms and chaired the 2012 Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology.

He received the 2008 Mathilde Solowey Lecture Award in Neurosciences from the NIH’s Foundation for Advanced Education in Sciences and was a 2008 Distinguished Investigator of the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression.

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