Friday, December 19, 2014

The Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange Receives Designation from The Georgia Health Information Network

Sandersville, Ga. – The Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange, or GRAChIE (pronounced “Gracie”), was recently designated a qualified entity of the Georgia Health Information Network.

GRAChIE, an electronic Health Information Exchange, or HIE, was founded by Georgia Regents Health System, the Central Georgia Health System, and affiliated physicians, to improve patient-care coordination, time management and quality of care.

The Georgia Health Information Network, GaHIN, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the use and exchange of electronic health information to foster a healthier Georgia, improve patient-centered health care, increase efficiency and promote the health status of the entire state population.

GaHIN’s purpose is to close the patient information gap across all care settings by electronically connecting disparate systems and data sources to support improved quality of care, better health outcomes and reductions in cost.

GRAChIE and GaHIN are now working together to help connect physicians and hospitals across the state; delivering critical patient information to doctors at the speed of a single click.

“We are really excited to be working with GaHIN. It’s an honor to help them form Georgia’s Health Information Network from the ground up,” said Tara Cramer, Executive Director of GRAChIE.

Through GRAChIE, patients will benefit from improved security, convenience and collaboration among providers. Providers are able to share clinical information electronically, reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures.

GRAChIE is vital to improving communication between health care systems. And by joining forces with GaHIN, GRAChIE is helping to implement better-connected health care throughout Georgia.

“With this designation, we have taken another giant leap for improving patient care,” said David S. Hefner, CEO of Georgia Regents Medical Center and Medical Associates and Chair of GRAChIE Board of Directors. “This is just the beginning of what will become an innovative and essential tool in improving the care delivery system.”

GRAChIE is connecting health systems, hospitals and physician practices across the state. If interested, please e-mail Tara Cramer at the address listed below.

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